Why SunPower?

When Dave founded Sungineer Solar, he knew from the beginning that he wanted to use SunPower products.

SunPower has an amazing warranty – 25 years (!!!), covering not only the panels themselves, but also the integrated microinverters, racking (when applicable), and monitoring. Even a labor reimbursement!

One reason SunPower is willing to warranty their systems for so long because their modules have a unique cell construction. The soldering and connections are on the back of the cell, not on the front. While locating the connections on the front results in a cheaper manufacturing process, it also results in a product that’s way less durable and also less efficient.

Prospective clients sometimes ask us about alternate manufacturers’ products. For clients who aren’t space constrained, aren’t concerned about system performance over the years, or are off-grid, using mid-range modules may be an appropriate design decision. However, we generally start with SunPower unless there is a specific design reason not to use them.

For more information, start here:
https://us.sunpower.com/homeowners/equinox-home-solar-systems or call Dave at (607)288-2898.

NOTE: a previous version of this article stated that cell connections on the back (not front) of the module result in a cheaper manufacturing process. Ooops!