15 kW Ground Mount on a Challenging Site

Sungineer Solar enjoys working on challenging sites – makes the project more interesting!

This project was designed to make the best of a tough situation. The roof wasn’t an option at all, as it was too small and poorly situated. The yard was sloped, wooded, uneven, and the ground was incredibly rocky.

yes, we can totally put solar there!

Sungineer Dave found the best site and worked with Axle Excavating & Landscaping of Freeville to use a vibro post driver to vibrate the posts into the ground… zero digging and zero concrete!

minor collateral damage – that post was 6 inches wide before it crumpled against a buried rock!

Even given the challenging terrain and soil conditions, Sungineer Dave and Alex the Excavator were able to create a straight, level, aesthetically pleasing array. Props to the Sungineer crew, Bill & Joe, for their patience and attention to detail on this install!

ocd sufferers: rejoice!

This project has two grid-down compatibility features:

  • Backup battery ready: the system was designed to accommodate backup batteries in the future, as each exterior-mounted inverter can be individually accessed from inside the house
  • Simple power when the grid is down: the system includes 2 secure power supplies, which will allow the family simply to flip a switch to provide power (when the panels are producing) to an outlet in the event of a power outage.
secure power supplies

“Informative, knowledgeable, and professional… answered all my questions and worked with me to find the best system fit for me!”

– homeowner feedback