6.12 kW Ground-Mount System Expansion for a Repeat-ish Client

Phones, and tablets, and laptops, and television sets, and Roombas and Nests and Rings, oh my! Air conditioning units to beat the ever-increasing summer heat, and heat pumps for carbon-neutral winter warmth. Induction cooktops for culinary masterpieces, tankless hot water heaters for endless showers, and electric vehicles, because who likes paying for gas.

Our world is electrifying – rapidly.

fill ‘er up… with electrons!
Charging of an electric vehicle,” by Ivan Radic, is licensed under (CC BY 2.0)

Home electrical usage nearly always trends upwards, never more so than 2019-2021, when everyone was home. Plus, after getting used to those sweet $0 electricity bills, homeowners with existing PV systems often reach out to us before making a major lifestyle change that will increase their energy usage.

Sungineer Dave installed this homeowner’s existing 9.54 kW ground-mount system while working in Taitem Engineering’s Renewables department. Over time, their electricity usage increased, as it always does. When they decided to add a fully electric vehicle, they reevaluate their production capacity and gave Dave a call to add more juice!

system expansion (with original system to left)

Dave thoughtfully designed a 6.12 kW system expansion to easily allow for yet another expansion in the future, if needed. (It happens – the Sungineer household has added additional panels… twice!)

The combiner panel at the array is oversized, with plenty of room for more circuit breakers and oversized wiring. The conduit and the wiring from the array to the house is also oversized, so there will be no need for future 400′ long wire pulls.

oversized combiner panel

It’s always great to hear a familiar voice on the other end of a phone call. We hope the homeowners enjoy their electrified future!