Sungineer Solar: A Finger Lakes Enterprise For Climate Action

Our service area for new installations, which always require multiple days of site work, is a roughly 1 hour 15 minute radius around our home office just outside Ithaca, New York.

However, Sungineer Solar travels farther afield – sometimes up to 3 hours each direction, to Buffalo – for service calls. Troubleshooting and maintenance jobs typically require fewer trips, and bringing a non-functional system back online has the same environmental benefit as installing a new system.

But lemme tell you, it’s an ironic bummer to fill up the gas tank of our work truck on the way to repair or install a clean, green power generation system.

…definitely not fine

So, in late 2022, we joined the Finger Lakes Enterprises for Climate Action (FLECA), a campaign of the Finger Lakes Climate Fund. We donate 100% of job travel adders to FLECA to offset the carbon emissions generated from job site transport.

The Climate Fund, in turn, grants those funds for home improvement projects to reduce energy consumption by low-to-moderate income households. We love that the benefit of this Climate Fund is directed toward a demographic that, to be totally honest, is often priced out of owning their own solar PV system.

For more information, see our profile on the FLCF website, or watch the video below!

for the homeowners that never get to meet nicole in person: yes, she exists