Let’s be honest: contractors don’t always have the best reputation when it comes to project management (project manglement, more like it).

However, we pride ourselves on being “not that contractor.” We set expectations by being upfront and detail-oriented, and we meet expectations by following our project process.

Here’s what you can expect when working with us for a residential solar PV installation.

Info Gathering & Estimate

Interested in solar for your home? You’ll probably talk to Nicole first (unless you also want batteries, in which case, you’ll talk to Dave). We use use your historical electric usage, aerial imagery of your property, and your self-described project goals to provide one or more estimates as a starting point for our work together.

Site Visit & Quote

If our estimates are within your budget and you’d like to pursue a project with Sungineer, Dave will visit your property to take shading measurements, inspect your home’s electrical wiring, inspect your roof and take measurements (if applicable), and discuss your installation preferences (e.g. run the conduit down this side of the house, not that side). The site visit takes about 2 hours, and you do need to be home. Based on his findings, Dave will adjust the initial estimate and provide a final project quote.

Contract & Deposit

If the quote looks good, it’s paperwork time! Nicole prepares and guides you through the comprehensive contract package. A $1,000 deposit holds your place in our installation queue.

Installations are booked on a “first come, first served” basis. Time from signing contract to installation can vary widely, depending on how many projects are in our queue.

Technical Design & Permitting

Dave prepares the construction planset and coordinates with our Licensed Professional Structural Engineer for review and approval. Then, Nicole facilitates the application for building/ electrical permit(s), NYSERDA incentive funds, and utility interconnection.

Procurement & Logistics

Once applications are submitted, the majority of your project cost is due (typically about 80%). Manufacturers frequently update part numbers or module wattages in the time between the contract execution and product order, but Nicole will send you a written change order for any updates, if applicable. Dave coordinates the delivery of your materials and installation of your system.

Installation & Commissioning

After all of that preparation, our crew needs only a few days to complete a typical residential installation! After we notify them of your 3rd party electrical inspection, the utility may need a few business days to replace your legacy meter. Once that’s complete, we turn on the system and begin to generate power!

Project Close-Out

Every installation concludes with an in-person orientation session, where we’ll explain the functionality of the system, review your next steps, and give you a homeowners’ manual (including sample tax forms) for future reference. The balance of your project cost is due at this time. Solar PV systems need very little maintenance, but we love to hear from our old clients – keep in touch!