Every company has a unique culture, motivation, and set of strengths. At Sungineer Solar, we receive so much more from our work than a simple paycheck – and we hope you will receive more than a PV system from us.

What makes us tick? How do we go about our work? And what can you expect when you work with us?

Our Vision

We envision a future in which all Central NY residents have a relationship with solar PV energy generation.

For some (we hope many!), this may be a residential system purchased and installed by Sungineer Solar. For others, it may mean servicing an older system that no one else will touch. For still others, this may be a referral to a community solar program or instructions on how to select an ESCO that generates their energy renewably. We believe that right fit and meeting expectations is way more important than winning a bid.

Our Values

Unapologetically Small

Sungineer Solar is tiny, but mighty. From our perspective, there is no upside (to our clients, our community, our planet, or ourselves) to getting big.

You will work with Sungineer Dave at every stage of your project – technical sales, design, installation, and ongoing service. With the exception of post-pounding*, we do not subcontract any labor. This provides an exceptional level of continuity, personalization, and attention to detail.

Staying small allows us to work out of our home office and keep overhead low, so our proposals hit the sweet value spot between quality and cost.

Focusing on quality, not quantity, means we are off the sales quota treadmill. Sungineer developed exclusively through word of mouth referrals and our reputation, because we aim to do a great job on every job. From our perspective, this is sustainability in business.

No Shoddy Work

We are the type of people who like papers arranged at right angles on our desk… the rule followers who keep a copy of the NEC (National Electric Code) next to those precisely stacked papers. Stainless steel hardware and metal conduit outside are standard, not upgrades; our goal is for our 20+ year old projects to look as good, and function as well, as this year’s jobs.

Dave and his crew have decades of deep experience. They understand not only what is the right way to do something, but also why. Their technical expertise and problem solving skills allow them to work efficiently, while never cutting corners.

Keep It Light

Our world has confused larger size with greater stability, making more money with delivering more value, and social media “likes” with real human connections.

Oookay, that wasn’t so light. 😉

We pride ourselves on being approachable. Ask us simple or complex questions, shoot us a random email with a single thought about your project that just popped into your head, let us ooh and aaah over pictures of your kids or dogs. You might even ask Dave why Sungineer Solar’s legal business name is Bashing Panels LLC!

We pride ourselves on bringing a fun, lighthearted touch to solar contracting. Our goal is to make sure our clients love the experience of working with us as much as the quality of their finished project.

Learn more about Sungineer Solar by clicking here.

* Post-pounding is the installation of posts into the earth to support a ground-mounted solar PV system. We have used the same excavator for years, and Dave is always present on site to work with them.