~10 kW Residential System with Squirrel Guards

For environmental and economic reasons, this home owner wanted to offset as much of their electricity usage as possible with a PV (solar) system.

However, the roof of their home was partially shaded by a large oak tree.

Challenge #1: maximize the energy production from the limited space that had good solar access.

Solution #1: after consultation with Sungineer Dave, the home owner chose higher powered AC modules from SunPower.

in total, the ~10 kW project included 27 modules

Challenge #2: where there are acorns, there are squirrels!

Unfortunately, the space under a roof-mount PV system offers a convenient, cozy, safe squirrel habitat. Squirrels are notorious for chewing on… well, everything, to keep their teeth trim and sharp (rodent teeth grow continuously). They can cause considerable damage to PV systems.

hey Google, why do squirrels chew on… oh.
I guess we weren’t the first ones with this question.

Solution #2: squirrel guards! Squirrel guards are basically strips of 1/2 inch hardware cloth fixed to the perimeter of the array to prevent access to the underside of the modules.

access denied.

The homeowner rated their overall satisfaction with the project a 10 out of 10, noting:

Timelines were clear, changes in spec on the installation were quickly made and shown, explanation of the choices of microinverters were well explained, price seemed competitive, final setup looks nice.

– Homeowner feedback

Glad you are enjoying your system!