8.91 kW Roof-Mount System with REC Modules

Once upon a time, I received an inquiry on our website from a homeowner interested in REC modules, batteries with updated chemistry, and working with nice people.

Hey, that sounds like a good fit for Sungineer Solar! 😊

After some discussion and design, we settled on a system with 22 REC Pure Alpha roof-mounted modules and Enphase microinverters, to be installed on a beautiful brand new asphalt shingle roof.

it is annoyingly difficult to get a good photo angle for some arrays…

The cost/benefit analysis for batteries just didn’t make sense for the homeowner right now, but one of the benefits of the Enphase ecosystem is its extensibility. Adding Enphase batteries to an existing Enphase-backed solar PV system is trivial.

Their roof was low angle and excellent quality, with easy access through the attic and garage to the basement, where the system interconnected in the main service panel. Our crew of three installed this system in a single day!

After the project concluded, the homeowners said:

When we started this project, you may recall that I told you that we like to do business with nice people….we cannot tell you what a pleasure it has been to work with you and Dave and your install crew. You have made it easy for us from start to finish, and we truly appreciate your thoroughness, professionalism, and friendly approach.  You have a great company and we wish you continued success!!

FC & DC, Homeowners