BYOSM (Bring Your Own Solar Modules)

Once upon a time, we got a cold call from a homeowner that had bought a pallet of solar panels at an auction. They wondered whether we would install the modules for them.

(This is the type of phone call that can either go very well or verrrry poorly.)

Fortunately for everyone involved, the solar panels were new, decent quality, and scored at a real deal. Plus, the property had a beautiful yard for a ground-mounted system.

Thus was born Sungineer Solar’s first BYOSM (Bring Your Own Solar Modules) project!

Canadian Solar 320 watt modules

Interconnected this spring, this 8.32 kW system was interconnected on time and on budget. With plenty of friendly interactions with the lovely homeowners, too!

One of the advantages of staying small is that we customize each job to the unique needs and situation of the client. Our work remains interesting and fresh, and each homeowner gets exactly what they need. This may be our first BYOSM project, but perhaps it won’t be our last.

(Remember, folks, buyer beware! Only projects using *new* equipment are eligible for NYSERDA incentive funds, and we cannot honor warranty for used modules. Make sure to only purchase new modules through a reputable source to ensure that your product warranty remains in force and you get what you expect.)