#offgridlife – 6 kW Roof-Mount with 9.7 kWh Batteries

When I started with Sungineer Solar, Dave told me, “Off-grid projects are fun because you can really feel the improvement in quality of life for the resident.” This project is a great example of that shift!

Imagine: a sweet, cozy off-grid cabin nestled deep into the forests of Chenango County… deer amble across the one-lane dirt driveway… the air is cool, clean, crisp… blue jays caw and squirrels chitter…

ahhhh… peace & quiet…

Aaaaand then… the jackhammer growl of the generator ruptures the bliss.

These homeowners wanted to maintain their sanctuary and upgrade their quality of life by installing solar backed with storage. In contrast to generators run by natural gas, propane, or gasoline, solar with batteries provides electricity that is clean, silent, and immediately available.

We installed a ~6 kW roof-mounted PV system using QCells panels:

don’t mind the ladder – work in progress!

In the cabin’s basement, we added 9.7 kWh (usable) of batteries, calculated to keep the cabin running for over a day under expected loads, even if the panels are completely covered with snow.

“balance of system” components for an off-grid solar PV system

The homeowners were thrilled with their cabin upgrade, saying:

We appreciate working with a smaller and local firm for the high level of professionalism and care – at every step, we were made to feel like our business really matters to Sungineer.

A solar system is a considerable investment and can be intimidating. After countless articles and YouTube videos, we were none the wiser as to what exactly we needed. Dave has the heart of a teacher and listens carefully – his responses to our questions were thoughtful, and he guided us to the right system for us.

Finally, the explanation of budgets was clear and transparent, and the project was completed on time and without additional costs.

– homeowner feedback

D’awww! What a joy to do this for a living. 🙂