Service Call: Inverter Replacement

Once upon a time, an Ithaca homeowner noticed a glowing red light on their PV system’s inverter.

Uh oh. Time to call Sungineer Solar!

before replacement

Interesting technical tidbits: the home has SunPower’s positively grounded modules, which require a transformer-based inverter in order to keep the positive side of the module connected to ground. Without this special kind of inverter, the system will lose substantial efficiency and will void SunPower’s 25-year warranty.

Plot twist: this old transformer-based inverter is generally not in use anymore. (Transformer-less inverters are safer, cheaper, lighter, and more efficient.)

With some creative sourcing and procurement, we were able to locate a suitable replacement inverter.

after replacement: commissioning the new inverter, cover off to show the internal circuitry

It’s been a real pleasure having you help me. Everything about your work is very professional, considerate, and top-notch.

homeowner comment from this service call

So glad we were able to help! 🙂