Solar at South Hill School

About 2 weeks ago, we visited with the 5th grade science classes at South Hill Elementary School to talk about our careers in solar – and demonstrate solar photovoltaics in action!

With support from IPEI, Dave designed a basic “plug & play” self-contained solar generator. We put together the components, completed the circuit, and powered fans and lights from the stored energy!

The students had great questions – “what happens if we use the solar to power the light, and then point the light at the solar panel?” We loved their energy, enthusiasm, and yes, even their sass (ah, preteens!).

Much gratitude to Mr. G for initiating and supporting the project, IPEI for assisting with equipment procurement, and Mrs. E for letting us borrow her students for a day. We are hoping to return next year, when the 4th graders study power and circuits, to directly tie into their curriculum, support their learning, and hopefully, see one or more of them as our interns in the future!

Our presentation can be enjoyed here: