Spring 2022 Project Album

I do not understand how it’s mid-June already. WOW this season is going fast!

Here is a quick recap of a selection of new installations from this spring.

10.005 kW roof-mount, using LG NeON R modules and an SMA string inverter (look at that solar access! beautiful!).

16.6 kW ground-mount, using LG Commercial 415-watt modules. Sungineer Solar also performed an electrical service upgrade (to 200 amp) for this project. A rainy final day, but the happiness of the homeowners kept us warm. 🙂 Can you spot the module that arrived with a crack and was replaced under warranty?

8.7 kW roof-mount, using LG NeON R modules and an SMA string inverter. Sigh – every time I write “LG NeON,” I am sad all over again. But isn’t this the most darling roof? Another one with great solar access!

10.44 urban roof-mount, using QCells AC modules with Enphase IQ7+ microinverters. The first of what I expect will be a large number of QCells installations! And an ideal application for microinverters – this installation required one array on a garage roof, and another on a house roof. We also performed a service upgrade for this homeowner before installing solar.

Onward to summer!