We’ve Expanded – Again!

Sorry to disappoint – we are not announcing a third Sungineer baby. 😉

Sungineer Solar has a new Business Manager! We are pleased to announce that Nicole Tedeyan* formally joined the team at the beginning of June.

Nicole will handle all of Sungineer’s back office tasks (in finance, HR, and IT), plus office tasks as they relate to projects (such as permitting, coordination, procurement, and communications). You might also hear her friendly voice as your initial sales contact for project and service inquiries.

A dedicated office employee allows Sungineer Dave to focus on technical design, installs, and service – which is what he truly loves. As Dave says, “I didn’t start a company because I wanted to run a business… I started Sungineer because I wanted to do solar!”

the sungineer family

We know that this addition will help more clients – our wonderful neighbors, right here in Central New York – realize the benefits of solar. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

* Yes, Nicole is also Dave’s wife, and the author of this blog. 🙂