6.32 kW Backyard Ground-Mount System

At Sungineer Solar, we pride ourselves on getting to know a client’s needs and custom designing a system to meet them. It takes more time than a sales-driven process, but it also ensures our clients are informed, respected, and engaged every step of the way.

When Dave first popped this homeowner’s address into satellite imagery, a beautiful south-facing roof popped up. However, the homeowner was concerned that beautiful south-facing roof would need replacement. More importantly, the homeowner wanted to add privacy, screening their back patio from the nearby road.

peek-a-boo! a little privacy for the back patio

Properly siting the array required careful attention to local zoning requirements. The homeowner’s lot was not that large, and setback requirements further narrowed the location options and array size. Sungineer Dave counterbalanced the size restriction by choosing a higher-wattage module, so the homeowner’s electric needs could be met with only 16 panels in a smaller array.

higher wattage, but fewer, modules

We hope the homeowner enjoys their backyard for many years to come!