15 kW Roof-Mount PV System

This project was an almost 15 kW roof-mount PV system on a new building in Brooktondale, NY – so new that it was still under construction when we were installing the system!

in progress – hope those clear skies last!

The new electric service at the barn hadn’t even been hooked up to the grid yet – but once installed, our panels provided electric power for the other contractors to run their tools. This was done safely with SMA’s Secure Power Supply.

completed project. the clear skies didn’t last…

A unique design consideration for this project was the ability to add battery back-up in the future, if desired. The box on the far left of the photo below is a DC disconnect switch, which could allow one string of modules to be diverted to a battery bank.

balance of system: the rest of the parts (besides the modules) that make the system work, like inverters, DC disconnect switch, AC combiner panel

This was a great experience to work with other local contractors on site. We hope the homeowner enjoys their future home site!