7 kW SunPower AC Module Ground Mount

As we slide into autumn, it’s crunch time to finish up projects before we need to carry snow shovels in the back of the Sungineer Solar service van.

We recently completed a simple 7 kW ground mount system in Dryden, NY. This project flew by – one day for ground work, one installation day, and one wrap up day.

22 panels total

A sweet memory from this project was the happy rescue puppy who kept us company throughout the installation. We’re glad that the homeowner liked his project as much as we liked working with him!

Dave was very prompt in providing array ideas and respective cost estimates (including for several other options), providing the tentative schedule for implementation, and actually doing excellent work during the installation to be on the schedule or even better than the schedule. Things went very smooth, and according to the plan. Excellent work!!

homeowner testimonial from this project

An interesting technical note: with an AC based system, there’s much less “balance of system” equipment (i.e. no inverter(s)) to be installed. Here is what a typical AC-based system might include:

combiner panel + SunPower monitoring box