2020 Mega-Post

2020 was peak dumpster fire for the majority of the world…

i’m fine… this is fine… everything is fine…

…but the sun kept shining and the Finger Lakes community still needed solar installs and service.

2020 was a good year for Sungineer Solar. Sungineer Dave spent most of his work hours in the field, and any computer time was limited to designing the next installation.

So, we are more than a little behind on blog posts… but that’s what winter is for, right?

…nearly 8 months later

I am editing this post on Thursday, July 29, 2021. I know you will be shocked – SHOCKED! – to hear this, but winter was not for writing blog posts!

clutch pearls, smelling salts, etc.

Instead, we have decided to update this blog post with photos of select projects from 2020.


10.71 kW Ground-Mounted System

For this project, we worked with the homeowner and the local zoning board to obtain a setback variance to optimally locate the solar. It’s in a beautiful location on a quiet rural road, and we smile every time we drive by. 🙂

1 kW (Wee Itty Bitty) Ground-Mounted System

This super cool off-grid home had an ancient, teeny-tiny system. When the homeowner decided to connect to the grid, their equipment was so old it couldn’t be used. We upgraded them to a modern, but still teeny-tiny, system.

5.04 kW Grount-Mounted Off-Grid System

Off-grid systems are more complicated (and, to be honest, more exciting) to design than grid-tied systems. If we miscalculate loading, the homeowner may not have adequate power storage – lights out and freezer defrosting! This project leveraged lithium iron phosphate batteries to provide 2.4 days of electric storage (assuming 3kwh per day usage).

9.81 kW Roof-Mounted System

For this project, we were able to alternate arrays with skylights for a pleasing, balanced aesthetic. And can’t beat the views from the roof!

15.75 kW Ground-Mounted System

This homeowner had a ton of space and didn’t mind a large system, so we installed 50 lower-wattage panels. To abide by zoning requirements while maximizing solar potential, we split the system into 4 groups (3 groups of 12 and one group of 14). The alignment was perfect!

Two-fer! 4.1kW + 2.1 kW Roof-Mounted Systems

This homeowner wanted solar on both of their properties in a nearby town. Optimal positioning and shading are often concerns in urban areas, but fortunately, we were able to install enough panels with adequate solar access to make the payback period worth it. Good bye, electric bills.

Whew. It was a busy year. Onward to the rest of 2021!