7.77 kW High-Efficiency AC Module System

If a project were to take an award for “most idyllic location,” this would be a contender! This home is nestled in a small community at the top of one of the numerous rolling hills south of Ithaca. The view from the rooftop left us feeling a bit like a soaring bird of prey.

distant hills, several miles away

The site plan of the community maximizes solar potential. This house has an ideal 33 degree roof slope, with no shading, facing south. As good as it gets!

what a beautiful day!

The roof construction led to a few minor design challenges. The sheet metal had purlins two feet on center, which is incompatible with typical mounting practices. With close attention to detail, we were able to source shorter modules to fit a third row while maintaining proper installation set backs.

a growing community

“Everything was great, from the designing and planning to the paperwork and bureaucracy to the execution and high quality work… I felt confident in our decisions to go with the system we chose.”


We hope you enjoy many decades of service from your system!