Sungineer & COVID-19

From parental leave straight into global pandemic… it’s been a heckuva start to 2020.

Sungineer Solar is still open for business – with significant changes to operations. Our response has been developed under the guidance of NYSERDA and Empire State Development and will change as new information becomes available. Specifically, ESD has clarified directly to Dave that a sole proprietor may continue to perform on-site contracting work, provided they are the only person working on site. Still, to comply with the spirit of the NYS on Pause Executive Order and protect Sungineer clients and our own family, we are taking precautionary measures seriously.


  • Service for existing PV systems is considered “essential business” and can continue without restrictions. If your system needs service, give Dave a call at 607-288-2898.


  • Initial sales calls do not require an in-person site visit. Dave uses satellite imagery and your utility history to provide a rough budget and timeline estimate for your project.
  • A brief site visit is required to finalize a formal quote. In general, Dave will not need to enter your home. Instead, he will ask you to provide some photos. During the visit, he will ask to speak with you, outside, maintaining at least 6′ of separation.


  • In general, installations are on hold until the NYS on Pause Executive Order is relaxed.
  • Some installation work may continue on a limited basis, provided it can be safely completed by only one person.

Protocols for On-Site Work

  • Dave will not schedule service visits if he has any COVID-19-like symptoms, or has recently been in contact with anyone who has shown symptoms. (Note that Dave is the only member of the Sungineer family who is leaving the house – wife and children are home indefinitely.)
  • You will receive a call on the morning of your site visit to confirm that no one in your household is showing symptoms. (You will also be directed to read this page, so you know what to expect during your site visit – hi!)
  • To the greatest extent possible, Dave will avoid entering living areas of your home and minimize time spent in non-habitable spaces (e.g. basement, garage, utility room).
  • Dave will use hand sanitizer on his hands before he enters your home. (This is preferable to hand washing, so Dave does not need to enter farther into your home than strictly necessary.)
  • Dave will wear a cloth mask any time he is in an enclosed space (habitable or not). If he needs to remove his cloth mask, he will don a “clean” one as soon as reasonable.
  • If Dave needs to talk with you for more than a few seconds, he will ask you to stand outside, at least 6 feet away from him, for the conversation.

Be well, wash those hands, and we’ll see you on the other side of this madness.